Hi! My name is Gosia (Margaret) Wróbel. I am a dog psychologist and trainer. My goal is to help you and your dog feel better.

In my work I focus not on the behavior itself, but on the emotions behind it. Understanding of that is the startpointof our work.

I will teach you how to recognize the dog's emotional state and to respond to it so that the dog feels, and behaves better. Together we will build a strong, healthy bond between you and your dog.

In the pandemic, I conduct safe and convenient on-line sessions in English. Contact me for more details.

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behavioral consults and animal training

If you live in Warsaw and seek a english-speaking professional to help with your dog, you’re in the right place.

Behavioral consults

If you have a specific issue that you’d wish to tackle, or a subject you’d like to discuss, individual consults are a perfect fit. During the first session, that lasts around 1,5-2 hours, we talk about you and your dog a lot and I have the ability to oberve you both, which is the basis of my diagnosis. I then make first recommendations about needed changes and walk you through them step by step. Addidional two or three meetings are usually enough to make necessary modifications to the first diagnosis and help you with new practices.

The session’s cost is 200 – 300 PLN depending on where you live (we will meet at your home) and how many sessions you’d like to book.

Dog training

If you would like to learn how to better communicate with your dog, train him, stimulate his brain so that your team’s life is more joyful and easy, training sessions are designed for you. On these I can help with:

  • basic dog training,
  • leash walking,
  • mantrailing basics,
  • clicker training,
  • scent activities.

Training sessions last for 1 hour, during which we will train the dog, help you with your training skills, play some fun games. I will also explain learning theory basics, so that you can fully understand what and why is happening.

The cost of 1 session is 100 – 200 PLN, depending on where we train and how many sessions you book. You can also bring a friend with another dogs – I offer group discounts.

More about me

I am a professional dog trainer and animal psychologist. I have graduated from Animal Psychology Studies at ICRAHB and acquired Dog Trainer’s certificate from Talking Dogs. I constantly strive to expand my knowledge through various courses and workshops. My approach is science-based and ethical. My priorities are the dog’s wellbeing and your skills to communicate with him and provide him the necessary help. I do not use force or psychical punishment.

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